Last year Power For the People (, a UK charity supported by DREAM EP Global Energy, started its campaigns on Remba Island, to better the lives of women and children. 

This year, Power for the People (PFP) Charity has partnered with UEFA Foundation for Children on a project to create a basic infrastructure that supports women and children on Remba, economically, nutritionally and educationally. Please visit UEFA Foundation Remba to support PFP’s campaign. 

The UEFA foundation aims to help children and safeguard their rights. Sport, and football in particular, can provide support in the areas of health and children’s education, as well as promoting access to sporting activity, facilitating children’s personal development and fostering the integration of minorities. The foundation, which is a public body governed by Swiss law, was formally established and began operating the 24th of April 2015.

DREAM EP Global Energy supports PFP’s projects in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, and Zambia. PFP’s campaigns promote self-sufficiency, focusing on food, health, education, nutrition, sports, access to electricity, and jobs.

Remba Island Education, Health & Nutrition Project - UEFA Foundation