EPGE launched in 2014, and is currently a minority partner in, the DREAM Platform, an acronym for “Developing Renewables in Europe, Africa and Middle East”, with projects in Jordan, Kenya and Ethiopia.
DREAM is an integrated platform, providing development risk capital as well as project equity, to the projects in the DREAM Pipeline, and procuring project debt finance from Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) as well as commercial lenders.
The main goal of DREAM is to deliver visible and tangible high impact transformational projects in relatively short timescales. This is achieved by the scalability and reproducibility of the Blueprint for development of Projects.
EPGE incorporated in DREAM all the know-how and delivery expertise and all the hard and valuable lessons learnt over the past 18 years of developing in emerging markets. DREAM’s premise is to deliver cost effective and high-quality projects to its investors.
DREAM Alliances will deliver Technical Excellence and Innovative Design. Scalable blueprints and pre-fabricated “kits”, to fast track development and deliver into operation.

For more information please visit the DREAM Kenya website and the Power For the People website, an independent Charity supported by DREAM.