EPGE oversees all phases of each project, from planning and development through to construction and commissioning.

Project Development

EPGE’s knowledgeable and experienced team, in cooperation with its specialized partners, focuses on the following aspects of project development:

Project Evaluation

As part of our project development services, we offer comprehensive evaluation of renewable energy projects to determine their technical and financial feasibility. This includes analysing the available resources, such as wind or solar, as well as conducting market analysis and financial modelling to assess the potential return on investment.

Securing funding

EPGE’s team has a wealth of experience in securing and restructuring finance for renewable energy projects, even in the face of challenging market conditions. Our team has a proven track record of successfully securing project finance from leading international development financial institutions (DFIs) like the EBRD, IFC of the World Bank, and EIB, together with international commercial banks and raising equity from leading European and other sovereign infrastructure funds. This experience, combined with our established industry connections, puts EPGE in an excellent position for financing both its own new projects and those of third parties.


EPGE’s team has extensive experience in the management of the construction phase of renewable energy projects working closely with financiers, suppliers, contractors and authorities for the smooth completion of the project in time and on budget.


We provide ongoing support to ensure that our renewable energy projects are running smoothly, monitoring and optimising performance, complying with regulations and reporting to the Board of Directors.