Ms Nasrin Sharifi

Ms. Nasrin Sharifi

Director, DREAM

Nasrin is the DREAM Initiative Manager, and a founding Investor in DREAM. She is a senior Programme Director with over 25 years of management consulting and large-scale project delivery experience in Europe, USA, UAE and North Africa in various sectors. Her Renewable Energy project experience includes development of wind and wind/diesel hybrid solutions in Eastern Europe, the UAE, Egypt,  and East Africa. She is leading the Alliances for DREAM and manages the multiple Project Pipelines for each country in the DREAM Initiative.

Prior to joining EPGE’s development team in 2007, she was with Accenture Management Consulting as a senior Programme Director. Nasrin holds a BSc. (Hon) in Biochemical Engineering from University College London, and attended the PhD program at the Physiological Flow Studies Unit, Imperial College, London.